Ceramic Blanket
Aluminum silicate fiberboard
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Ceramic Blanket
2013-03-10 13:33:14
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Product Description: ceramic fiber ceramic fiber cotton and a small amount of binder blend, using automation and control continuous production processing technology, has the advantages of precise size, good flatness, high strength, lightweight thermal shock, anti-peeling can be widely used around the furnace and the bottom of the backing insulation, the ceramic kiln fire stop, craft glass molds and other parts. Ceramic fiber back liner, the mechanism of ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber furnace floor, ceramic fiber semi-hard board.

Product Features: ◎ low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity ◎ non-brittle material, good elasticity ◎ ◎ high compressive strength anti-wind performance and long service life   ◎ excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance ◎ continuous production, fiber distribution, stable performance ◎ acoustic performance   Good anti-spalling properties ◎ ◎ easily molded or cut, easy to install ◎ precise size, good flatness    Typical application: the ◎ steel industry: heat treatment furnace lining, expansion joints, backing insulation, thermal insulation and mold insulation, steel mill ladle, tundish, ladle refining package backing.◎ non-ferrous metals industry: the tundish flow slot cover aluminum plant electrolytic reduction cells firebrick backing. ◎ ceramic industry: lightweight kiln car structure and furnace hot face lining of the body, the furnace and the temperature zones separated by fire block. ◎ glass industry: weld pool backing insulation, burner blocks. ◎ kiln construction: hot face refractory (alternative blanket), heavy refractory backing, expansion joints. ◎ Light Industry: Industrial and domestic boiler combustion chamber liner. ◎ petrochemical industry: the hot surface of the high-temperature furnace lining material. ◎ craft glass deep-processing products forming mold. The ◎ cement industry kilns backing thermal insulation.

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