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Siliceous insulating firebrick production technology

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A1203 high alumina insulating firebrick bauxite as main raw material content of not less than 48% of the insulation lining fire products. High alumina insulating firebrick, mainly aluminum Angeles soil cooked Park, combined with dry soil as raw material incorporation combined with Jing and sawdust, in order to improve product performance, add the atmosphere of industrial aluminum, corundum, sillimanite, kyanite , fine silica powder can be prepared by a bulk density of. .49 / C m3 or more products. Al, O: The content and the bulk density of the type, the maximum use temperature, usually at 125. A 1350 ° C, some up to 1550, the history of C. tube (see fire products) in addition to heat process, including the preparation of the foam, the foam slurry modulation, molding, drying and firing five parts. Firebrick to improve the quality and reduce the intrusion and penetration of the slag to ensure the firebrick chemical mineral composition and structure, but also improve the lowest eutectic temperature of the refractory bricks, reduce the firebrick wear and tear, stable The device is running. By a certain ratio mixing machine, add water mixed into the mud by mechanical or hand-molding, a residual moisture content of less than dried brick. 2.5% before loading the kiln. For preventing cracks caused article 510: the polymorph transition occurs severe volume expansion, when the firing requires a relatively slow heating and cooling rates. Gasifier refractory bricks use and wear and tear, the gasifier in ammonia production equipment, plays a very important role in the the ammonia production long-period running. The different parts have different forms, which is caused because of the type of damage to the mechanism. Based on the the firebrick use different parts of the following expressions (phenomenon): 1 girth at the firebrick burst brick damage. Refractory very versatile and can be used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, ceramics, machinery, cement, boilers and other industries. Gongyi City Civil refractory plant, the main products, refractory bricks, refractory ball, high alumina bricks, clay bricks and other refractory products. Preparation method can be divided into firing bricks, unfired brick, fused brick (cast bricks), fire-resistant insulation tiles; shape and size can be divided into standard brick, brick, specific transfer. Can be used as a building of high-temperature furnaces and various thermal equipment building materials and structural materials, and able to withstand high temperatures for a variety of physical and chemical changes and mechanical action. Manufacture of siliceous insulating firebrick using finely ground silica as raw material, part of the waste silica brick or waste siliceous insulating firebrick powder, mineralizing agent and burn like. Magnesia-chrome bricks This is a re-burned magnesia made of sintered magnesia and chromite composition formulated standard firebrick. Mainly used for the main firing zone, transition zone and lower transition zone.

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